Diane Dellacono

Director Client Care

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Diane has lived in the Pocono region for nearly 20 years.

Diane offers great versatility as our Client Care Director. First in a hospital in the cardiac care unit then with seniors with dementia at a senior center, Diane eventually became the Executive Director of Senior Living in Easton, Pennsylvania where she was able to connect with individuals in meaningful ways.

As a person in recovery, Diane openly shares her experiences with others. In fact, Diane is a guest speaker at numerous recovery events and empowers others to their own sobriety.

As a professional woman in recovery, Diane also has a son who is in recovery. Because of this Diane has great compassion for families struggling through the process. Diane is a true sounding board offering wisdom and compassion to anyone who reaches out.

Diane is a mother of three sons and a grandmother of two boys and one girl.

Diane’s Mantra: I love to share my experiences, strength, and hope with the families and clients that I meet along my new journey.