Ed Bonner

Primary Therapist

Ed Bonner is a native of Hudson County, New Jersey where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Rutgers University, his Master’s degree in counseling at New Jersey City University, and began his professional career. He started working as a Mental Health Professional in 1992 and has been helping people ever since. During this time he moved to PA, married, raised a son, and continued to expand his work in and knowledge of psychology. In 2015 he completed his PhD.

With over 27 years of experience as a helping professional, Ed utilizes a wide range of interventions to facilitate change in clients dealing with a variety of issues. He believes that therapy should be tailored to the unique challenges and strengths of each client. Using an existential-humanistic framework, he integrates a diverse array of techniques from various psychotherapeutic approaches including cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, mindfulnessbased, clinical-hypnotherapy, and skill-building. He provides help for individuals dealing with many different issues and is particularly interested in issues relate to trauma, addiction, depression, and anxiety.

Ed has always been possessed by a passion for knowledge. While working on his dissertation his first peer-reviewed article was published in The Humanistic Psychologist, which is the lead Journal of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Division of Humanistic Psychology (Div 32). After earning his doctorate in psychology he continued academic pursuits, teaching college psychology courses and publishing additional articles. His work has been cited more than 100 times in academic publications.

His varied academic interests include: awe, spirituality, existential-humanistic and transpersonal approaches to psychology, models of emotion/cognition/consciousness, and research on developing/implementing novel psychotherapeutic techniques. Ed’s keen intellectuality is balanced by a sincere, caring approach and a warm-hearted sense-of-humor. He believes that healing and growth are achieved by “facilitating clients’ self-discovery, so they can tap into their own strengths.”