Jessica Knowles, CADC

VP of Clinical Outreach

Jessica’s lifelong journey in mental health and addictions treatment began in the non profit sector working as a behavioral manager for a long term adolescent residential program. Her empathy,passion and energy were critical in reaching a highly resistant population and lead to her continued success.

Drawing upon her wealth of personal, professional and educational experience, Jessica worked with adults in private drug and alcohol treatment in 2013 and earned her CADC through the state of New Jersey.  Her personal philosophy of providing hope through compassionate clinical care has been illustrated through her exceptional individual, group and family counseling crafted for each individuals’ needs.

As her career flourished, Jessica found a home in clinical outreach where her empathy, passion and endless energy for helping could be maximized.  Walking step by step with individuals and treatment providers to match them with the best possible treatment modalities to create the best possible outcomes has become more than a job: it is her passion.  By healing the individual and working directly with loved ones, Jessica seeks to create lasting recovery for anybody whose life has been touched by addiction or mental illness.

Jessica’s Motto: “We’re all just walking each other home” ~Ram Dass