Samuel Bakovsky, MA MFT

Primary Therapist

Samuel Bakovsky is a primary therapist at Water Gap Wellness Center with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Special Education, and a Master’s degree in Clinician and Counseling Psychology for Marriage and Family Therapy. Samuel has worked in emotional support classrooms and homes to assist parents, caregivers, and teachers in understanding the “problem-behavior” of “problem children”. These “problem” labels tend to follow children as they enter adulthood. This inspired Samuel to work with adults and families in a therapeutic setting to assist them, and others, in a greater human understanding that looks beyond labels.

Following his passion for mental health, Samuel went on to work as therapist at a community mental health center in Philadelphia working with clients and families to improve their lives and relationships. Samuel has also worked on a first-episode psychosis team assisting individuals and their families struggling with schizophrenia diagnoses to ensure that they are seen externally and internally as people, not their diagnoses.

Samuel believes that individuals and families become stuck in repeated patterns which result in pain and suffering; Samuel knows all individuals and families have to ability to help themselves and views his role as a collaborative guide to assist them in breaking out of their negative patterns. Unnecessary suffering lies within the negative patterns themselves, as well as the quality of both interpersonal and intrapersonal exchanges. As per the wisdom of Viktor Frankl, Samuel is an avid proponent of personal responsibility and accountability. Samuel works with people to shift their focus away from blame and malcontent directed at others or themselves towards a focus on the real truth; we all have the responsibility and the power to create solutions. Samuel works as a collaborative partner to help clients find the strength to participate in their own solutions.

Sam’s Mantra: The truth is, we all suffer. – Adrian Fitipaldes