Vincent Polankowski

Primary Therapist

Vincent is an experienced clinical therapist who has worked in the field of forensic psychology and restorative justice since 2014. Through his strong academic knowledge and training paired with in the field training, Vincent is able to provide supportive and clinical intervention utilizing evidence-based research.

Vincent started his career within the Criminal Justice System in the State of New Jersey. He obtained an Associate of Arts College in Criminal Justice Administration and Supervision from Union County College, Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Law and Victim Services from Stockton University and Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology along with a second Masters in Behavioral Sciences’ from Kean University. Currently, Vincent is in pursuit of a PhD in Psychology with an emphasis on Forensic Psychology and Forensic Behavior. He has worked at Adult Correctional Facilities, Juvenile Detention Facilities, Residential Treatment Facilities for violent sexual offenders.

In his spare time, Vincent enjoys reading academic research related to his field of study. He also enjoys volunteering with youth organizations as a firearms instructor to educate youth on proper use of firearms handling and hunting skills/safety. Vincent is an avid outdoorsman, who enjoys seasonal activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, jet skiing and more traveling throughout the east coast.