Walter Dunn MS

Walter Dunn MS

Primary Therapist

Walter Dunn is a primary therapist and licensed social worker who specializes in assisting those with mental health and co-occurring disorders to find their path to recovery. He believes in empowering his clients through learning how to manage their disorders while restoring their lives.

Walter believes that everyone who suffers from these disorders has within them the capacity to cope with and overcome their disorders and the consequences their disorders have brought to their lives. He knows that everyone deserves the chance to be fulfilled in life and he believes that it is his purpose to help guide his clients towards their own definition of fulfillment. Walter’s passion to help individuals recover from the disease of addiction comes from his personal experience. In 2005, Walter lost his wife of 11 years to an overdose. In addition, Walter has personal recovery experience that has shown him that it is possible to recover. This desire to empower individuals is what drives Walter’s passion for helping all individuals and their families to recover.

Walter has worked in the recovery field privately since 2009. He started his professional career as a behavioral health associate working full time, while also attending East Stroudsburg University full time to earn his bachelor’s degree in Social Work. In 2020, he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in social work and a certificate in crisis intervention. Recently, Walter graduated from Marywood University’s social work graduate program with a master’s in social work. Walter is a licensed social worker, a certified alcohol and drug counselor, and holds a certificate in crisis intervention. He was the treasurer of Phi Theta Kappa Honors society, and president of Phi Alpha Honors Society for social work. In addition, Walter is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, and the International Association of Social Work with Groups.

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