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Consumers are often unsure of how to choose a mental health hospital for their loved one. Every large city typically has a Mental Health Hospital, larger metropolitan areas often have several Mental Health Hospitals and most every standard Hospital has a dedicated Psych ward. With all these choices, it’s no wonder consumers don’t know where to turn.

That is why it is important to do research before choosing the right hospital. But what questions should be asked and what answers are best? Before just sending your loved one to a Mental Health Hospital, consider the following three suggestions to help make your process easier.

  1. Keep safety first. The main goal for a psychiatric hospital is to keep the patient safe, and this often means keeping them safe from themselves. In accomplishing this goal, Psych wards or Hospitals often operate much like that of the prison system, with padded walls, constant monitorization, heavy doses of medication, and extremely controlled and limited access to the outside world. Often, state funded hospitals and psychiatric wards of larger hospitals are operated as such. This environment might be off-putting to some individuals, causing additional stress to their already compromised mental health situation.  When pursuing a mental health hospital, make sure your loved one will be safe in the confines, but also make sure s/he is comfortable with the measures taken to achieve this safety. There are numerous Mental Health Hospitals that offer more modernized versions of safety precautions which are more welcoming and less threatening. Check to make sure there are cameras, sensors and lights that will alert employees as to the patient’s whereabouts. Make sure staff has access to 24-hour care of the patient. Make sure your loved one will be comfortable with the safety measures taken.
  2. Make sure the demographics “fit.” Some patients come to treatment voluntarily, some must receive mandatory care. Some patients are young, some old. When choosing a mental health hospital for your loved one, make sure to take demographics into consideration. Some individuals thrive best in same demographics, others thrive best in different. Knowing the person and knowing the demographic will present a more unencumbered path of treatment.
  3. Have a satisfying consultation. While speaking with an admissions counselor, have the courage to ask the right questions. Discuss your loved one’s situation carefully and make sure you receive evidenced-based information from the admissions counselor.

Mental Health Hospitals can be found with a simple internet search. If you or a loved one is in need of a Mental Health Hospital, make sure you do your research and ensure adequate safety measures have been taken, the demographic fits and you receive a satisfying consultation.

Water Gap Wellness offers a PHP for Mental Health with Housing. Our program is created to offer clients independence and teach clients management skills to better live with their diagnosis.

Water Gap Wellness 1-833-949-4673


written by Annette Kaiser with contributions from Leon Donoyan

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