Nutritional Wellness
At Water Gap Wellness, we consider the foods you eat to be a part of your healing and wellness process and we have prepared menus that naturally help regulate emotions, appetite, sleep and energy.

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Healing is Supported by Nutrition


We believe good food nourishes the soul. A simple change in diet may help in overall wellness, which can affect mental wellness as well.

At Water Gap Wellness, we consider the foods we eat to be a part of the overall healing and wellness process.

Inspired by nature, our artfully planned meals are prepared by our creative Executive Chef using farm-to-table foods and natural ingredients that help promote a well-rounded and nutritious diet.

We offer varied menus which include delicious rich comfort foods as well as plant-based, religious-based or medically prescribed meals and snack items.

Guests enjoy meals in a communal setting, whether it’s in our dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows that feature stunning mountainous views, on the outdoor patio overlooking the hills and valleys or on lunch-time hikes up the Appalachian Trail. Mealtimes are also used as an opportunity to discuss and educate guests on the tools for maintaining the healthy habits learned from their stay.

It is our hope that guests develop a healthy relationship with food and can recognize its impact on mental health wellness.

Wellness. It’s in our nature.

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