Are There Holistic Mental Health Treatment Centers?

Are There Holistic Mental Health Treatment Centers?

If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction or mental health disorders, it might be time to consider holistic mental health treatment. But what is it? What are the benefits of a holistic approach to mental health issues, and where can you find a suitable treatment center?

Water Gap Wellness Center is a Pennsylvania mental health retreat, offering comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment near New York.


What is Holistic Treatment?

A holistic mental health care plan involves any treatment that isn’t considered standard evidence-based clinical therapy programs.

Holistic treatment emphasizes any form of concurrent therapy that tackles the mind and body. 

Is a holistic mental health approach evidence-based? 

Many people misconstrue holistic treatment and view it as an alternative to evidence-based practices, but in reality, holistic treatments have held up to many scientific research standards.


Are There Holistic Mental Health Treatment Centers?

Holistic mental health treatment takes different forms. Facilities like Water Gap Wellness Center offer a holistic mental health approach. 

Some facilities emphasize a peaceful natural environment by integrating a lot of Adventure therapy. 

Other facilities provide education-based holistic care like sleep education and nutrition education so that you can better learn the impact of mental health disorders on your mind and body and not only sleep more effectively but eat and drink the things that can help you improve your mental state.

You might find facilities that provide expressive therapies like art therapy, animal-assisted therapy, or music therapy. All of these give you a more creative way to express yourself, feel comfortable with your emotional state, and change your mood for the better. 


What Are Examples of Holistic Mental Health Treatment?

A holistic mental health approach can include different types of treatments. Holistic mental health care should be catered to your specific needs, mental health goals, or level of comfort, just the same as the types of psychotherapy or medications you use should be catered to your needs.

Thankfully there are dozens of holistic mental health treatment options out there, including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, art therapy, and more.


Meditation is one of the most common examples. Numerous facilities will integrate some sort of meditative practice into their holistic mental health approach.

Meditation comes in many forms. A holistic mental health care approach involves focusing on a mantra where you speak a word or phrase over and over or think of that word or phrase.


Yoga is a similar form of meditation that integrates physical movements and exercises into your breathing or Mantra techniques. If yoga is too straining for you, Tai Chi has a gentler form of movement that can do the same thing. Both can help reduce blood pressure, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, sleep problems, and much more.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a popular example of holistic care. There are many benefits of a holistic approach to mental health, but art therapy allows people the opportunity to communicate their emotions, especially when they are struggling to do so in a face-to-face therapy session.

Just as you don’t need any experience with yoga or meditation to benefit from it, you don’t need to be particularly talented when it comes to Art to use art therapy. Even something as simple as coloring in a coloring book can help you stay mindful, focus on the present, alleviate symptoms of depression or anxiety, and communicate more effectively.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is another example, and it brings with it similar benefits. You don’t necessarily have to sing or play an instrument to use music therapy. Simply listening to someone else perform can be effective.

Wilderness Therapy

Some facilities offer some form of wilderness therapy. This might take the form of Adventure therapy, rock climbing activities, hiking, camping, or any other therapeutic experience where you are led by a professional and participate in the outdoors.


Water Gap Wellness Center Offers Holistic Mental Health Treatment near New York

Water Gap Wellness Center emphasizes holistic treatment as part of extensive mental health care. When you come to our premier facility, you can expect access to trauma-trained counselors, daily group sessions, and evidence-based treatment, including nutrition education, yoga, music therapy, art therapy, adventure therapy, and more.

Let Water Gap Wellness Center design a holistic treatment plan for you at our Pennsylvania mental health treatment center.

About WGWC

Water Gap Wellness Center offers expert and compassionate treatment for mental health and substance abuse at our Pennsylvania facility, just outside New Jersey, a short drive from New York. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you today. 

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