Partial Hospitalization Program

The complete spectrum of treatment

Partial Hospitalization Program

Water Gap Wellness Center, located in East Stroudsburg, offers a complete offers a complete spectrum of treatment options to address every stage in the recovery or mental health journey.

Our PHP in Pennsylvania offers the most comprehensive treatment and the most intensive level of care available today. Our holistic approach to wellness takes an individual-first approach to treatment and is designed to restore balance and re-calibrate the mind, body, and spirit through a combination of masterfully-planned clinical sessions and extraordinary outdoor experiences.

We serve individuals who have a primary mental health diagnosis, substance use disorder, or co-occurring disorder. All clients receive intensive clinical therapy regardless of whether they have completed inpatient or residential treatment for mental health, behavioral health, and/or substance use disorder. Clients benefit from a comprehensive, structured level of step-down support that fosters transition to a more independent lifestyle.

Our clinical program is designed to create a safe space for clients to self-identify their core issues and develop valuable coping skills, such as budgeting, medication management and time management skills. We have seasoned Masters-level counselors who utilize evidence-based treatment modalities such as acceptance and commitment therapy, experiential therapy and exposure-response prevention therapy to help individuals recognize the core issues.

Our program meets six hours a day, six days a week. During this time, individuals receive two private counseling sessions per week along with daily group sessions. These sessions offer DBT and CBT therapy and help individuals identify and defend potential triggers so that independent progress toward recovery can be made. Additionally, our expert and credentialed Masters-level staff are trained in Trauma Treatment and gently guide individuals to identify their core issue, then address this core issue as a basis for ongoing treatment.

If interested, participants in the Partial Program can arrange for housing at the Water Gap Wellness Inn by calling: 1-833-WGW-HOPE. Hope is here. Call us today.

PHP for Addiction

Partial Hospitalization Program for Substance Abuse

We offer a holistic approach to recovery, treating the whole person using SMART recovery, Refuge Recovery, the Traditional 12-Step Program and experiential treatment modalities. Our talented and seasoned staff utilize one-on-one counseling sessions, group therapy and individualized visits with our Psychiatrist to help clients become empowered to face and conquer their future.

PHP for mental health disorders

Partial Hospitalization Program for Mental Health

Our individualized care gives an individual with a mental health diagnosis the opportunity be treated as a whole person, not a diagnosis. The staff works to erase the stigma of the mental health label and treat every individual as a person first.

Water Gap Wellness Center's Treatment

Dual Diagnosis PHP Treatment

Treating mental health and substance abuse together gives individuals a chance to uncover the root of their problems without struggling with what came first, mental health or substance abuse. We help individuals identify trauma, history and the real reason for substance abuse.

Individualized Treatment & Care

Water Gap Wellness Center for the Whole Person

Whether treating substance abuse, mental health diagnoses or dual diagnoses, our model is the treatment of the individual, not the treatment of the diagnosis. In this way, treatment is specifically tailored to the individual client.

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Redefining Treatment

Find Recovery at Our New Jersey Area Mental Health PHP Program

Treating mental health conditions is (often) no simple journey. Choosing Water Gap Wellness Center's mental health PHP near NJ is the first step on a lifelong journey. Because many people who enter mental health treatment also struggle with addiction, we will work with you to ensure your treatment program addresses both conditions as part of one simultaneous dual diagnosis treatment plan. Although it is possible to treat one condition or the other, it is not beneficial to approach dual diagnosis treatment in that manner. To fully recover, it is vital to healing from both conditions to limit the possibility of relapse in the future.

At Water Gap Wellness Center, we understand that comprehensive medical, emotional, and spiritual support is vital to lasting recovery. Comprehensive treatment is essential to helping you learn and practice vital coping skills you will need as you transition out of the therapeutic setting. Many people do not think about relapse prevention as part of a mental health treatment program; however, when you recover from a mental illness, it is possible to experience symptom relapse. There are several causes for this, including trigger exposure or using substances to self-medicate symptoms. It is essential to understand your triggers and how to safely and successfully manage them to maintain lasting recovery.

Many PHP programs near NJ provide exercise programs, nutritional counseling, and alternative therapy options (equine-assisted therapy, etc.) in addition to evidence-based, traditional therapy, group activities, and peer support groups. Acknowledging a struggle with mental health or co-occurring mental health and addiction is the first step on your journey to healing, but acknowledgment is only the first step. It is essential to contact a PHP for mental health like Water Gap Wellness Center to start your recovery journey.

If you or a loved one are ready to find recovery and freedom from mental health challenges, contact us at Water Gap Wellness Center today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you. Our caring and compassionate treatment team are here to answer your questions about our PHP for mental health near NJ. Don't wait another day, contact Water Gap Wellness Center today.

Partial Hospitalization

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We Accept Most Major Insurance

Many insurance plans cover the cost of Water Gap Wellness Center’s treatment plans – Mental Health and Alcohol and Drug Rehab. Although Water Gap Wellness Center accepts benefits from most major insurers, it is essential to verify coverage before admission. Your admission counselor partners with you to determine coverage and benefits from companies like Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, UHC, UMR, Humana, Magellan, Horizon, etc.

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