How to Find the Best Trauma Treatment Centers in the US

How to Find the Best Trauma Treatment Centers in the US

If you or someone you love has experienced a traumatic event, you might not realize trauma’s impact on your mental health. Working with the best trauma treatment centers in the US means getting customized help to target your mental health because everyone deserves to be happy, energetic, and live their best life.

If you have suffered from trauma, contact the Water Gap Wellness Center to learn more about our mental health treatment near New Jersey.


What Causes Trauma?

So what causes trauma, and what situations might result in you needing to find the best trauma treatment centers? 

Trauma can be brought about by a range of experiences, such as:

  • Being in a car accident
  • Witnessing violence
  • Experiencing crime or violence in the home
  • Having traumatic birthing experiences
  • Witnessing or being a victim of abuse
  • Experiencing war or extreme violence
  • Exposure to a natural disaster
  • Losing a loved one

Trauma looks different for everyone. And you don’t have to experience the trauma directly to suffer from declining mental health. If someone very close to you has experienced a traumatic event, you can struggle with PTSD as you try to help them, and you watch the effects that their traumatic event has had not only on themselves but on your relationship and on the family. 

If a person is a victim of a violent crime, it can also be traumatic for those who witnessed the violence, or even family and friends of the victim if they weren’t there. Regardless of how trauma develops, finding an effective mental health retreat near New Jersey can be crucial to the recovery process.


How Does Trauma Impact Mental Health?

Trauma can severely impact mental health. Experiencing a traumatic event can lead to the development of PTSD, ongoing depression, anxiety disorders, agoraphobia, and much more. When trauma goes untreated, symptoms can significantly worsen over time.


Unfortunately, after individuals experience trauma, months or years later, they might still struggle with symptoms of things like PTSD and not realize it.

To get legitimate help for your mental health, you need to find the best trauma treatment centers in the US. Only mental health professionals at these best trauma treatment centers can give you more than six minutes of their attention, do something other than writing a prescription, and help you release the mental burdens you have been carrying. They don’t realize that they are only treating one symptom and not the cause.


The best PTSD treatment centers will use a trauma-informed approach for all therapy. Even if you get medication for your mental health struggles, you raise the efficacy of that medication if you are using it in tandem with therapy.


Can Trauma Cause Addiction?

Yes, trauma can regularly lead to addiction. People who go to their doctors and get a prescription that doesn’t target the entire issue might still struggle with some of their other symptoms. A prescription for sleeping pills might make it easier to deal with insomnia, but it doesn’t do anything to tackle depression or the flashbacks.

So, people turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. They can similarly turn to drugs and alcohol when they don’t want to go to a doctor or when a doctor hasn’t been helpful.

But this leads to addiction, which can worsen the symptoms of untreated trauma. That is why finding the best trauma treatment centers in the US is so important to your overall well-being. 

You have to be able to treat your mind and your body at the same time. The right treatment centers will give you a mixture of medication and therapy, or maybe change your medication or even take you off medication as you work through your issues and control better mental health. 


How to Find the Best Trauma Treatment Centers in the US

With Water Gap Wellness Center, our mental health and drug center near New Jersey focuses on trauma-informed approaches. With our trauma-informed therapy, we take into consideration anything that might cause a trigger or stress. This extends to how therapists talk to you, body language, and sounds or smells in the environment.

When working with someone like the woman used in the example, our therapists might make sure she has control over whether she works with a man or a woman and have someone walk with her through the parking lot when she starts her mental health care.

Let Water Gap Wellness Center start your mental health trauma treatment today.

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