Behavioral Health Technician (BHT) and Wellness Coordinator learns power of vulnerability, human connection and acceptance

By Carissa Ceballo, Wellness Coordinator at Water Gap Wellness Inn and BHT at Water Gap Wellness Center

Being vulnerable – the human connection

Working at Water Gap Wellness as a Wellness Coordinator and BHT where I help coach and encourage individuals with mental health and substance use disorders has been a valuable and life-changing experience and has given me the motivation to show up as myself in all aspects of my life.

Since my start at Water Gap Wellness I have met so many different kinds of people — all with unique stories and extraordinary life paths. And despite these differences, one theme I have recognized is that everyone who has experienced hardship in their lives has the capability to be empathetic and selfless. Even individuals who have experienced some of the most difficult and unimaginable trials seem to have space in their broken hearts to support and encourage others.

It’s human connection and I think it is an amazing quality! It’s beautiful seeing others selfless and understanding even when they may be struggling themselves. This has truly inspired me in so many ways.

When I think deeply about it, I realize that every single client I have come across has given me a different way to view and understand this abstract concept of life. I see first-hand the painful affects trauma and stigma can have on people on the micro-level and I also see how advocacy and education related to topics surrounding mental health and substance abuse is so helpful and important.

Since my start as a Wellness Coordinator and BHT I have realized that we all have something to offer, no matter what our past experiences are or choices we’ve made.

I start my job each and every day with the intent of bettering myself in hopes of somehow, in some small way, I can better the lives of the people and world around me.

I am truly grateful for what I have learned while working in the field of substance abuse and mental health as it has given me the opportunity to change lives and better my own in the process.

We all have the capacity to change – I have learned that being vulnerable and open to the beautiful process of recreating yourself is the first step.

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