Can You Have a Cell Phone in Rehab?

Can You Have a Cell Phone in Rehab

The first and most critical aspect of choosing a treatment center is finding one that best suits your needs and goals. Frequently, the most common aspects to look at first include:

  • The level of treatment offered.
  • The length of the program.
  • The cost of treatment.

Beyond that, other aspects people look at may have varying lengths of importance to each individual. These may include the privacy offered by a facility, luxury accommodations, or even the use of a cell phone.


Are Cellphones Allowed in Rehab?


There is no single answer on if cellphones are allowed in rehab centers; the cellphone policy varies from program to program. Most commonly, rehabs will not allow clients to bring their phones into treatment. However, at Water Gap Wellness, we believe allowing our clients to use their cell phones supports recovery and lessens the stress they may experience during their recovery process.

If you are uncomfortable with having your cellphone taken from you and are seeking addiction treatment, contact Water Gap Wellness today and speak to one of our professional admission counselors.


Are There Times When Cellphone Use in Rehab May be Beneficial?


The viewpoint around cellphones in addiction treatment is entirely outdated. It was formerly believed that cellphones would be a distraction during treatment, but now we must realize the comfort and feeling of safety a cellphone can provide, two sentiments that many may lack at the start of their treatment. By allowing cellphone use, Water Gap Wellness is hoping to lessen the weight of stress that many people may feel during the beginning of their treatment.

Benefits of allowing cellphone use may include promoting a feeling of safety or “normalcy.” Entering a treatment program for the first time can feel like a drastic change, and that feeling can often only be made worse by taking things like a cellphone away. By allowing continued use of a cellphone, a client is more likely to feel connected to their everyday lives and, while still focused on their recovery, still not feel that their entire life is being upended.

Cellphones also allow clients to remain in contact with their families or friends. If clients have a support group outside of the treatment center, staying in touch with them promotes better chances of recovery and long-term sobriety. Having a strong support network is critical during recovery, and cellphones are a great way to keep those connections strong.

Work is also a major factor for many people choosing a treatment program. Many people may not be able to take an extended leave from their jobs but still desperately need treatment. Allowing cellphone use keeps clients in contact with their employers and employees if needed and enables certain clients to continue some level of work or productivity while in treatment.


Find Focus and Purpose in Your Recovery: Call Water Gap Wellness Today


If you are looking for drug treatment, you must find a facility that emphasizes creating a comfortable yet focused environment for you to solely focus on your recovery. Water Gap Wellness utilizes a holistic approach to restore balance and heal your mind, body, and spirit. We are able to accomplish this through individualized treatment plans that combine traditional and emerging holistic therapy modalities.

Our programs are evidence-based, extensively tested, and proven to work for you no matter the severity of your addiction or mental health issues. Water Gap Wellness will give you the tools you need to become empowered as you take your first steps towards lasting recovery. Call us today and start living the healthy and happy life you deserve to live.

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