What Are Common Depression Triggers?

If you or someone close to you has struggled with depression, you’ve probably noticed that certain things in life can cause symptoms or worsen. These are called triggers. Triggers can be highly personalized, but there are several common depression triggers that are more likely to disrupt your daily life if you don’t get professional depression treatment.

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Common Depression Triggers

Depression affects everyone differently. People with mental health disorders will struggle with different triggers, and yet there are some common depression triggers.

Workplace problems

Workplace problems can easily manifest as common depression triggers. This is especially true for individuals who have a history of:

  • Bad relationships in the workplace
  • Bosses with whom they did not get along
  • Abusive work situations
  • Terminations

Where there exists severe pressure at work, individuals who don’t get depression treatment are more likely to be triggered by workplace strain and struggle with feelings of hopelessness. These common depression triggers can be things as simple as a meeting with a boss.

People with mental health disorders might view that meeting very differently. For example, they might think the following:

The boss wants to talk to me. The last time this happened was because another coworker lied to get me fired. I’m never going to find a good job again, and then I won’t be able to pay my bills, and I’ll be a failure.”

Relationship issues

Relationship issues are other common depression triggers. Individuals who don’t receive depression treatment are more likely to look for or find what they believe are indicators of severe problems in the relationship. This can trigger feelings of depression, hopelessness, anxiety, and isolation.

For example, someone struggling with mental health disorders might have a bad history of Partners taking advantage of them, gaslighting them, or breaking up with them. So that same individual might notice that their partner texts something about not coming over, so they start to think things like:

Last time my partner canceled for the night, it was because they were meeting their friends to talk trash about me, and eventually, they continued to cancel, cheated on me, and told me it was my fault for being emotionally distant. That’s probably what’s going to happen again because I’m unlovable.”

Financial strain

Financial strain serves as a common depression trigger for everyone, regardless of whether they have mental health disorders. In individuals who have a mental health disorder, like depression, financial strain is more likely to have a severe impact.

Not having enough money can destabilize your security, feelings that you are safe, and that you live a life with purpose. It can cause feelings of severe hopelessness, anxiety, fear, and even suicidal ideation.

Chronic stress

Chronic stress is one of the top triggers for all mental health disorders, including depression. Stress can take many forms, including:

  • Workplace problems
  • Financial strain
  • Relationship issues
  • A new job
  • Moving to a new city
  • Lots of exams in school
  • Death of a loved one

This looks different for everyone, and it might be regular exposure to community groups or church groups that ask for too much of volunteer effort or make individuals feel bad for not providing more. It can be the chronic stress of providing for four children on a single-parent budget while also being able to pay the bills and get everyone to their respective school events.

Depression Treatment at Water Gap Wellness Center

Common depression triggers can be highly personalized as well. However, Water Gap Wellness Center offers comprehensive depression treatment with holistic and evidence-based practices.

We provide comprehensive mental health treatment for several conditions, including depression. When you participate in depression treatment at our location, you’ll have access to two weekly counseling sessions and daily group therapy sessions. During the sessions, you’ll have a chance to learn more about common depression triggers and figure out what your triggers are. 

Understanding that is the first step, followed quickly by developing coping skills so that when you are triggered, you can learn to deal with the stress and the symptoms in a controlled fashion without letting things spiral.

With facilities like Water Gap Wellness Center, you can treat your mind, body, and spirit at the same time, participating in activities that will teach you how to recognize when you might be blowing things out of proportion, how to manage stress at the moment if you aren’t being mindful, and more.

Let our team help you today with Pennsylvania mental health treatment. Call us to learn more about the signs of alcoholism and when to get help. 

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