Helping your loved one while they are in a Mental Health Rehab

Helping your loved one while they are in a Mental Health Rehab

How can I help when my loved one is in a Mental Health Rehab?

Advice on how to help your loved one while they are in a Mental Health Rehab

Dropping of a family member or loved one at a mental health rehab center isn’t easy. You want to help but don’t know exactly “how.” Perhaps a call? A text? Facetime? A Letter? Here is some advice from a supportive family member who has been there and done that!

  • If phone calls are allowable, set a certain time to call. If you need to contact them daily, perhaps you can just text/call after 6 pm. Let your loved one have a chance to work-the-system!  It will truly, be beneficial.  But try to keep your contact limited.  There is usually an awesome mix of people and your loved one could be helping someone else, as much as someone else could be helping them.
  • Love and support your loved one through the mail. Send them cards of encouragement.  Perhaps pictures for them to share with others during their stay.  And get others as well to send their well wishes.
  • Don’t offer too much advice – again – let the system work and let the system’s advice be the north star.
  • Try to keep yourself busy during their stay. Pick up that old hobby of yours – exercise or do activities that you like to do to help keep your mind off of the progress of your loved one.
  • Visit on family days! It’s great to see your loved one and witness their progress – it’s also great to meet other families who have loved ones in mental health rehabs.

Water Gap Wellness Center is a fully licensed Addiction and Mental Health Treatment facility. The programs at Water Gap Wellness Center have received the Gold Seal of approval by The Joint Commission and are licensed  by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs of Pennsylvania. The programs at Water Gap Wellness offer the most comprehensive level of step-down care in the northeast.

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