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When you create here at Bloom you create with purpose,” said Carol Anderson, Bloom Executive Director in a recent interview with WFMZ.

And creating at Bloom Creative in Bangor, Pa has helped over 46 young women over the past 4 years find purpose.

Bloom is a Non-Profit organization that provides residential housing and counseling to women who suffer from sex trafficking,  domestic violence and substance use disorder. Bloom Creative Studio is the creative end that provides art classes to the public to raise funds to support Bloom’s mission. Recently, Jessica Brunner, COO of Water Gap Wellness attended one of the art classes held at Bloom.

“I love helping women succeed in life, and the classes at Bloom are so much fun and allow me to give back in a different way,” she said.

Ashely Grimes, Behavioral Lead Tech at Water Gap Wellness, also spoke to WFMZ – but not about her experiences with Bloom Creative studio, but rather about her experiences four years ago at Bloom – as a resident and recipient of their life-changing services.


Ashely has come full circle and now helps individuals at the Water Gap Wellness PHP work through addiction and mental health roadblocks.

“We are so proud to have Ashley as part of the team at Water Gap Wellness,” said Brunner. Ashley’s expertise and empathetic nature has already helped many people at Water Gap Wellness find purpose,” she said.

Thank you WFMZ for a wonderful article and thank you, Bloom for the good work you do in the community.



written by Annette Kaiser

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