How to Find the Best New York Area Dual Diagnosis for Mental Health and Addiction Issues?

How to Find the Best New York area Dual Diagnosis for Mental Health and Addiction Issues?

If you are struggling with mental health and addiction, you may need a New York area dual diagnosis center. Treating your mind and body gives you the highest chance of long-term success and all of the strategies and coping skills you need to avoid cravings or a relapse in the future.


What is the Relationship Between Mental Health and Addiction?

The relationship between mental health and addiction is strong, and it can go both ways, creating a vicious cycle.


It’s common for people who struggle with addiction to experience mental health problems, especially depression and anxiety.


Are There Treatment Programs for Mental Health and Addiction?

Thankfully you can find a New York area dual diagnosis center that offers treatment for mental health and addiction. This type of rehab is usually called dual diagnosis. You might also hear this term referred to as co-occurring disorder treatment.


In any case, dual diagnosis treatment focuses on simultaneously addressing multiple mental health conditions impacting an individual. At a treatment facility, this is most commonly seen as having a substance abuse disorder and one or multiple mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression.


Treatment programs for mental health and addiction are essential to your long-term sobriety because treating just one without the other leaves you susceptible to a relapse.

If you struggle with depression and addiction, completing a rehab program that only helps you overcome your addiction won’t prepare you to deal with your depression when the symptoms come back. It’s more likely that you will revert to old habits like drugs and alcohol as a form of self-medication.


What to Look for in a Dual Diagnosis Program?

When you are ready to look for a dual diagnosis program, your needs might vary from the person next to you. Thankfully, facilities like Water Gap Wellness Center will conduct an initial assessment and provide a customized treatment plan that includes the therapies, medications, and complementary programs best suited to you. Finding an individualized treatment plan is the best course of option.


Therapy and Medication Management

There are many forms of treatment for a Tri-State mental health and rehab program, but the most effective programs integrate therapy and, if necessary, medication management. 

Certain mental health conditions like bipolar disorder don’t have a cure but instead require lifelong management. This is best done with medication to control symptoms and life skills or coping skills that can be applied to managing everyday triggers, stress, or symptoms.


Anxiety, depression, or PTSD might also require medication, but in some cases, that need diminishes over time as more and more coping skills and strategies are recognized. For that reason, a good New York area dual diagnosis center will incorporate both, allowing you to initially manage your symptoms with your medications and monitor how effective that process is while concurrently giving you access to a wide range of beneficial therapies.


Complementary Programs

Some of those beneficial therapies include complimentary programs. Some popular complementary programs include yoga, meditation, mindfulness, art therapy, outdoor or wilderness therapy, animal-assisted therapy, and nutritional counseling.


Many of these complementary programs are used in addition to regular individual and group therapy or medication management to help apply lessons like coping skills and trigger identification in real-life scenarios. They can also teach you the skills to be comfortable with discomfort and recognize that unpleasant situations or feelings are only temporary.



Having amenities that make you comfortable during the treatment process can be vital. Recovery and treatment can be a stressful time, so any amenities that may help reduce these stress levels are incredibly beneficial. 


How to Find the Best New York area Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Mental Health and Addiction Issues?

Our admissions counselors at Water Gap Wellness Center can help you find the right New York area dual diagnosis treatment. At our facility, we offer dual diagnosis treatment in the form of outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs. We understand how important it is to treat your mind and your body at the same time.


No matter your situation, our team of supportive, professional staff members will help you get the proper medication, therapy, and coping skills to give you long-term success.

Let Water Gap Wellness Center help you find a mental health and rehab program today. Contact us today to learn more about our mental health rehab near New Jersey.

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