What is a PTSD Treatment Center?

What is a PTSD Treatment Center

PTSD is a devastating anxiety disorder that wreaks havoc on those who experience this condition. The emotional pain people feel as the result of past trauma is upsetting and fills them with feelings of despair and hopelessness. The American Psychiatric Association estimates that 1 in 11 Americans will develop PTSD during their lifetime. Additionally, the disorder affects 3.5 percent of the American population, and women are twice as likely to develop PTSD than men.

PTSD is a debilitating disorder that not only can lead to further mental illness. It can also lead to substance abuse and even suicide. If you or a loved one are struggling with PTSD, you must seek the specialized help found at a PTSD treatment center as soon as possible. This article will outline what PTSD is, its causes, and its symptoms. You will also know where to find a PTSD treatment center to get the help and support you need to address and overcome this serious mental health condition.


What is PTSD?

As a simple definition, PTSD develops as the result of experiencing a shocking, scary, or traumatic event. Oftentimes, people associate PTSD with those who served in the military and experienced the horrors of combat. In reality, countless traumatic events can cause PTSD to develop in an individual. Some of the most common include the following:

  • Severe automobile accidents
  • Surviving a natural disaster or act of terrorism
  • Child abuse, including psychological, physical, and sexual abuse
  • Physical assault, such as being jumped or attacked
  • The sudden death of a loved one or friend

For those who experience PTSD, they relive past traumatic experiences through vivid nightmares and flashbacks. Those with this mental condition have tremendous difficulty sleeping, are emotionally flat, and often feel detached from their day-to-day life. People often feel great sadness or anger, and they may avoid environments that may trigger thoughts of those events.


What are the Symptoms of PTSD?

The symptoms of PTSD fall into several categories. In order to be officially diagnosed with PTSD, you must experience a combination of symptoms from each category for at least one month. If you meet those criteria, then the obvious course of action is to undergo PTSD therapy. The following are the symptom categories and individual symptoms within each category.

Intrusive Thoughts

Symptoms of PTSD in this category include vivid and visceral memories that seemingly come out of nowhere, distressing dreams, or flashbacks of the traumatic event that feel real. People with PTSD feel they are reliving the traumatic experience repeatedly, which further deepens their condition.


People struggling with PTSD will avoid the people, places, activities, objects, and situations that may trigger memories of their past trauma. They will go to great lengths to avoid remembering or even thinking about the traumatic event in hopes that the memories will fade on their own. Additionally, people will also avoid talking about what happened or their feelings surrounding those events.

Changes in Mood

People who struggle with PTSD struggle to remember important aspects of the traumatic event. People’s beliefs about themselves and others are distorted, and it often leads to blaming themselves or others. This often results in people feeling an ongoing sense of fear as well as horror, anger, guilt, or shame. Also, people with PTSD show a decreased or no interest in activities they previously enjoyed. Those who suffer from PTSD detach themselves from loved ones and friends and live in isolation.

Changes in Activity

Those with PTSD are very irritable and are prone to angry outbursts. Also, people’s behavior becomes increasingly reckless and out of control. For those with PTSD, they become very watchful of their surroundings in a suspecting way. Additionally, PTSD suffers are easily startled and have problems concentrating or sleeping.


What is a PTSD Treatment Center?

If you or a loved one are struggling with PTSD and it is negatively impacting your life, you need to seek the help and support from a PTSD treatment center as soon as possible. PTSD treatment facilities feature evidence-based programs and specialized care levels that effectively address your PTSD issues. The goal of PTSD therapy is to help you regain control of your life through learning the healthy coping skills needed to help you address your symptoms.

Importantly, a treatment center for PTSD is designed to address any co-occurring issues such as substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. A PTSD treatment center offers comprehensive therapy programs such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Exposure therapy, medication management, life and coping skills training, aftercare programs, and dual diagnosis programs if there is a co-occurring substance abuse issue.


How to Find PTSD Treatment Near New Jersey

PTSD is emotionally and physically draining, and it has devastating effects on the sufferer and their loved ones. If you need PTSD treatment near New Jersey, Water Gap Wellness is just a phone call away. Our renowned Tri-State mental health facility offers proven PTSD therapy programs customized to fit your unique needs. Our experienced and compassionate staff will be with you every step of the way in giving you the tools you need to break free from PTSD. Call us toll-free today and learn more about our Tri-State addiction treatment and mental health programs.

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