What is a Substance Use Disorder – aka SUD?

Substance Use Disorder is a condition where an individual has developed an uncontrolled use or desire for a substance. These individuals are intensely focused on “using” the substances – so much that the thought of using is all-consuming, getting in the way of daily life decisions and responsibilities.

Some of the substances people become focused on are alcohol, tobacco and/or illicit drugs. People with Substance Use Disorder keep using these substances even though they understand its use causes problems. The most severe type of SUDs are called addictions.

People can develop an addiction to:

Over time, the substance used can cause permanent changes in the brain’s structure and cause people to have intense cravings, changes in personalities, abnormal movements or twitches and other unusual behaviors.

Studies done on the brain tissue of people with alcohol addiction, for example, show a direct relationship between excessive chronic alcohol consumption and significant shrinkage of brain tissue. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6668886/)

Repeated use of any of the above-mentioned substances can cause changes in brain functionality. To learn more about the substances and how they affect cognitive, motor and brain functionality, please visit https://www.watergapwellness.com/treatment/drug-and-alcohol-education.

If you think you, or someone you know might have a substance use disorder, we can help. Our program is the most intensive non-inpatient treatment center in Pa. Our trauma-trained and seasoned therapists offer two one-on-one sessions weekly and group sessions multiple times per day. Housing is offered at the beautiful Water Gap Wellness Inn, located adjacent to the Appalachian Trail and a short hike to the Delaware River.

Call 1-833-949-4673 for more information, or visit www.watergapwellness.com to find out more.

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