Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Pennsylvania (just a few miles from New Jersey) Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult
At our alcohol and drug rehab in  Pennsylvania – just a few miles from New Jersey – called Water Gap Wellness, we believe recovery is a hard road to walk alone, but we can journey together through the healing process. A life worth living is possible after drug or alcohol rehab.

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PO Box 244
Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327

(833) WGW-HOPE
(833) 949-4673

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Alcohol & Drug Detox – COMING SOON

Water Gap Wellness will be offering alcohol and drug Detox SOON.

For immediate assistance to discuss an alternate Detox center or to discuss our intensive structured lower level of care that INCLUDES  HOUSING at the beautiful Water Gap Wellness Inn in Pennsylvania – a few miles from New Jersey – please call 833-949-4673. Our friendly and knowledgeable counselors are here to help.


Alcohol And Drug Rehab In Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Alcohol and drug rehab in Pennsylvania and New Jersey available for admissions right now! The prescription opioids/heroin, drug and alcohol addiction epidemic is affecting many individuals in the United States (U.S.). No one is immune. Per US surgeon general report, more than 100 individuals die every day due to drug overdose. Only about 10 percent of people with a substance use disorder receive any type of alcohol and drug rehab treatment. Further, over 40 percent of people with a substance use disorder also have a mental health condition, yet fewer than half (48.0 percent) receive treatment for either disorder.


Our multidisciplinary team is trained to create an environment of healing – our Detox/Residential program will offer on-site Psychiatrist five days per week, which will include medical assisted treatment(MAT), 2 private one on one counseling sessions weekly, group sessions daily and daily experiential therapy.

Treating the Whole Person – Alcohol and Drug Rehab

The Water Gap Wellness holistic approach will focus on treating the whole person, not the diagnosis. Stepping into recovery requires courage and implies profound personal work in all aspects of life.

We will offer a safe environment to experience abstinence. Aided with judicious medication determined by our Chief Medical Doctor who will be on site 5 days per week, our staff will accompany you into a sober lifestyle.

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Abstaining from addictive substances or behaviors is the starting point of treatment. It is the entrance to your true inner self, a way to unveil the person addiction has buried.


Our goal is to provide an excellent clinical, educational and research-based model. Our Detox program will utilize evidence-based psycho-therapeutic interventions along with medication assisted treatment (MAT) in an integrated fashion to address the psychological and biological etiologies for the addictive disorders. Our model is holistic where we will also utilize alternative medicine e.g. golfing, hiking, aqua therapy, Yoga and exercise to transform the unhealthy life style associated with addiction into active healthy habits.

We will offer onsite multiple pathways to recovery such as AA/NA/Smart Recovery/Refuge Recovery and many other support group meetings to assist in the transition of our clients back to their communities. We will involve families in the treatment and assist and support them as they handle the care of their loved ones.

Our complete upcoming Detox and Residential program is designed to treat the whole person – not the diagnosis.