Mental Health

Tyson Fury works to end the stigma

“The way to beat mental health is to set goals,” Tyson Fury.

There is unfortunately a stigma associated with people suffering from a mental illness.  Often, these individuals hide from life because of fear of discrimination based on this assumed stigma.

After time, and without treatment, the diagnosis can become severely overwhelming and lead to further life abandonment and cause individuals to reach for alternative unhealthy methods to relieve their mental health pain.

We applaud Tyson Fury for coming forward and sharing his journey and working to end the stigma.

Mental Health diagnoses don’t have to be paralyzing. They can be managed with healthy coping skills.

Do you or someone you know struggle with a mental health diagnosis?

We offer a one-of-a-kind Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program, or PHP,  WITH HOUSING at the beautiful Water Gap Wellness Inn.

We have an on-site psychiatrist every day, 2 private counseling sessions per week, group sessions daily, NOLS-Certified adventure counseling and preferred housing at an historic and beautiful Inn, located on 100+ acres of manicured property.

Contact us today to find out information:   1-833-WGW- HOPE or visit us at:

Tyson Fury – keep up the great work! #EndtheStigma #IAmNotMyMentalIllness


written by Annette Kaiser


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