What Causes Anxiety Attacks?

If you’ve ever felt like you can’t breathe, your world is spinning out of control, and there is nothing you can do, you might ask: what causes anxiety attacks, and is there treatment for it?

Anxiety attacks causes are many, and understanding them can help you determine which treatment is best. 

If you are looking for anxiety treatment at a mental health retreat in Pennsylvania, contact the Water Gap Wellness Center today.


What is an Anxiety Attack?

An anxiety attack is a sudden fear that triggers physical reactions. During an anxiety attack, you might feel like you’ve completely lost control and are having a heart attack or maybe even dying. Some people experience just one or two things it attacks throughout their lifetime associated with a particularly stressful event. But other people who deal with panic attack disorder or generalized anxiety disorder might experience anxiety attacks more often.

Most frightening is the fact that they can appear suddenly. You might have an anxiety attack in the middle of a meeting, driving, or lunch. With minimal warning, symptoms can peak in minutes, leaving you worn out after the experience. This can lead you to ask, ‘what causes anxiety attacks’ and ‘how can you control them?


What Causes Anxiety Attacks?

There are a lot of contributing anxiety attacks causes:


One cause of anxiety attacks is genetics. If you have a family history of panic disorders, you are at a high risk of experiencing anxiety attacks or dealing with generalized anxiety disorder.


Stress is another cause of anxiety attacks. Again, under normal circumstances, the unexpected death or illness of a loved one, a traumatic event, a divorce, an accident, or a new baby could all contribute to a random anxiety attack.

In these cases, the acute stress brings about an anxiety attack that might go away once the pressure goes away and doesn’t manifest again. But other people struggle with panic disorders and experience acute stress as a trigger.

Brain Structure

Changes in your brain structure and emotions can put you at risk for an anxiety attack. In these situations, drug abuse, alcoholism, excessive caffeine intake, or smoking might change your brain structure and leave you susceptible to additional anxiety attacks.


Is There Treatment For Anxiety Attacks?

Anxiety treatment involves therapy and medication. No matter the cause of anxiety attacks, Water Gap Wellness Center can help. 


Knowing what causes anxiety attacks is only part of your prevention. Treatment can help you reduce the frequency and intensity of these attacks, starting with therapy. Therapy is one of the most effective treatment choices for panic disorders. 

You might see the symptoms of your panic attacks reduce in as little as a few weeks by working with a therapist who can help you recognize that these symptoms are not as dangerous as they might feel. Cognitive behavioral therapy is just one of many forms of psychotherapy that can facilitate overcoming your fear of the situations that in the past have contributed to a panic attack.


In some cases, medication can help reduce the symptoms as well. Professionals might recommend SSRIs, SNRIs, and Benzodiazepines to help you reduce the severity of your panic attacks or symptoms. If one medication doesn’t work well for you, you can work with staff members at a supportive anxiety treatment center to switch to something else until you find the most effective combination.

Knowing what causes anxiety attacks and what treatment you can get makes it easy to move forward and find an anxiety center near New Jersey that can lend a hand. 


How to Find Anxiety Treatment Centers near New Jersey

At Water Gap Wellness Center, we can answer questions like “what causes anxiety attacks” and “do I need medication for anxiety.” When you come to our facility, you can expect a day of supportive reflection, group and individual therapy sessions, and a chance to find peace. 

We offer various nurturing activities like outdoor sports, therapeutic walking trains, art and music opportunities, and more. At Water Gap Wellness Center for a better understanding of anxiety attacks causes and treatments through partial hospitalization mental health care, outpatient treatment, and more. 

Our approach involves licensed therapists who can meet with you during daily group and individual sessions where you can pursue individualized clinical sections. During these experiences, you can learn how to identify the cause of anxiety attacks, what symptoms are precursors, and how to control the severity of your attacks when they happen. We give you back the power to fight for the mental health you deserve.

Contact Water Gap Wellness Center about anxiety treatment today at 877-414-3281.

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