What is the Timeline for Drug Rehab?

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Many people who need help worry about how long drug or alcohol rehab actually takes. They might worry about being away from work or family for too long or the cost of a longer course of care. The drug rehab process can take a long time, but each level has a different timeline. 

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The Drug Rehab Process

So how long will your treatment be? This is based on a lot of factors. 

For example, those with a long history of addiction who need full-time care and supervision might start with MAT for detox and then need several months of ongoing care. Those with a mild addiction, who recognized signs early, might need outpatient drug rehab near New Jersey. Some clients have co-occurring mental health disorders, which might add to the timeline. 

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Timeline for Drug Rehab: Inpatient/Residential Programs

The highest level of care is inpatient care. With this level of drug or alcohol rehab, you live full-time at your treatment facility. 

Your drug rehab process will include the following:

  • Initial detox or MAT at the facility
  • Ongoing therapy or medication at the facility
  • Possible step-down to outpatient programs at the facility or elsewhere

With inpatient or residential programs, you typically choose 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day programs. Top-tier institutions will encourage you to focus more on your goals and recovery rather than a specific length of time. 

During your drug rehab process, you can talk to your care team and see how well you’re reaching your goals. Maybe you will find that after 30 days, you are ready to transition to a lower level of care, or maybe you need 90 days. 

Timeline for PHP Drug Rehab Near New Jersey

The next level of care is PHP. This is a partial hospitalization program where your drug rehab process typically involves the following:

  • Detox or MAT at a hospital or third-party location
  • Ongoing therapy and other services at the treatment center, full time

With PHP, you go through a similar program as with inpatient care but condensed into a shorter time frame. Most PHP lasts two weeks. During those two or three weeks, you go to the treatment center full time, from 8 am until 5 pm, sometimes every day of the week. These are shorter but can provide similar treatment to inpatient programs for those who can’t live at a treatment center full-time or who can’t afford the inpatient costs. 

Many clients also use this as their first level of care, after which they transition into regular outpatient care. 

The Drug Rehab Process for IOP

An IOP is another alternative to outpatient care, but it lasts a bit longer than PHP. Like PHP, you get to live at home. However, your timeline for drug rehab is about three weeks. During that time, you visit most of the day but not the full day. 

For example, you might attend a treatment center from 8 am until 2 pm. Likewise, you only come a few days per week instead of every day. 

Timeline for Drug Rehab: Outpatient Programs

The lowest level of care is outpatient. With these types of drug rehab near New Jersey, you can expect a few hours per week. Realistically, you might have one or two hours of group therapy and eventually add to or take away from your commitment as you reach different recovery goals. 

The timeline with outpatient care averages a few months (usually after a higher level of care), but it can go on as long as you need. Many people reach this level and start attending one AA or NA meeting each week and nothing more for years and years. 

Water Gap Wellness Center Drug Rehab Near New Jersey

With Water Gap Wellness Center, we offer several levels of outpatient care, including PHP, IOP, and traditional outpatient care. We can work with you to determine your drug rehab process and anticipate your timeline. 

We take your history and preferences into account too. If you have tried an outpatient drug or alcohol rehab in the past and had a relapse or didn’t find it supportive, we can recommend higher levels of care that might give you the relapse-prevention skills you need. If, instead, you only have a couple of weeks of vacation time you can use, we can work with you to find a PHP that accommodates your available free time without compromising quality care. 

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